The Best Presentation We've Seen About The Extraordinary Events Taking Place In The Markets

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Our friends at Waverly Advisors shared with us their latest Tactical Perspective presentation, and they see nothing but beautiful colours this fall.An unprecedented rally at the end of last week supported their case.

“Last week may have been an extremely significant inflection in Equities, as our longstanding bullish¬†bias appears to have been validated by an upside breakout.”

Read on to see their full picture. 

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The market can often seem upside down

But last week's bullish market move has only happened 5 times since 1960

And it was an extremely excellent sign

Staples are surging

However, Europe, Asia and the Far East have been slack

And volatility is likely to get worse

Utilities offer the best hedging opportunities

Still, Waverly continues to short 30 year Treasuries

Though maintain long gold and silver trades

They're waiting on copper

In sum

Macro now resembles watching Lucha Libre

Equities go crazy every time a central bank enters the ring

Inflation will be watched, but has wiggle room

Jobs data points to more monetary aggression

Finally China. The news isn't great

President Hu finally admitted as much

And its weighing on industrial metals

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