This heart-wrenching conversation between a father and his son about Paris is going viral

Le Petit Journal was conducting an interview about the Paris terrorist attacks with a young boy when a fantastic conversation broke out between him and his father.

After the boy suggested he’d have to leave Paris because of “bad guys,” his dad corrected him.

“It’s ok. They might have guns but we have flowers,” his dad said, explaining that France was home, and that honouring the victims of the attacks with flowers and candles was an act of strength against those “bad guys.”

The video was viewed more than 11 million times in the first 24 hours after it was posted on the show’s Facebook page. The father in the video, Angel Le, came forward in the comments and thanked everyone for their kind words.

“When I saw all this support I said one thing: I’m proud to be French and proud of my fellow countrymen!!!” he wrote.

Story by Tony Manfred and editing by Kristen Griffin