Another Hilariously Photoshopped Image From A Chinese Government Website

Earlier this month, the local Hangzhou Yuhang’s website wanted to post an image to show local government officials inspecting “Nanhu beach park’s landscape optimization project”, according to China Hush.

A worthy aim perhaps, but inexplicably, the government workers chose to feature a crude Photoshop to illustrate its point.

Worse still, the incident is the second time a local government has used a poorly edited photo on its website — last year officails in Sichuan province became a laughing stock (and a meme) when they used a photo of them “floating” over a path.

This new photo, shown above, is even worse than the Sichuan incident — and may be perhaps the most ridiculous we’ve ever seen:

China Photoshop

Photo: Zhejiang Hangzhou Yuhang

The forgery was not lost on Weibo readers, who swiftly found the source material:

China Photoshop

Photo: Zhejiang Hangzhou Yuhang

Given that the two images are from same event, and frankly, very similar, why did they bother to photoshop?

The Hangzhou Yuhang website has now issued an apology. Here’s a translation, via China Smack:

May 9th, my company submitted the news manuscript of the “Completion and Transfer of the Green Landscaping Project of Nanhu Beach Park” to the Yuhang District Government Portal Website, along with photographs of technicians on location conducting inspections. Due to unsuitable work processes, there were serious mistakes in the uploaded photograph. With regards to the errors of our work, we deeply express our apologies: We sincerely accept the criticises of the netizen masses, and wholeheartedly appreciate the concern netizens have given us.

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