This photo says all you need to know about Sydney's fish market on Good Friday

Staff at Peter’s, a seafood retailer at Sydney Fish Market make scallop mornay on Good Friday. Photo: Simon Thomsen

Sydney Fish Market on Good Friday is a combination of Pamplona’s running on the bulls and New York’s Times Square on New Years Eve.

Around 50,000 people are expected to visit the market today during its 12 hour opening, which began at 5am, and around $5 million will be spent on more than 300 tonnes seafood for Easter. Sales this week were up 15% on previous years..

Yesterday, wholesalers spent $850,000 on more than 80 tonnes of seafood at the final market before the long weekend.

Business Insider visited the market at lunchtime today and it was like being on the Tokyo subway at peak hour. And there was an extra long queue outside retailer Peter’s, who found an ingenious way to get the cheese to melt on top of the scallops at its storefront stall.

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