This wearable payment chip is cool but I couldn't get myself to use it

Inamo’s founder Peter Colbert (L) and Sarah Kimmorley (R) wearing the Curl wearable payment device. Photo: Peter Colbert.

Inamo is a Sydney startup behind a payments chip which can turn your watch or keys into a contactless bank card.

I first came across the business in February when it teamed up with Visa and Local Supply to create WaveShades: contactless payments sunglasses.

While I wasn’t completely sure I would swap the glasses with my iPhone case, which doubles as a card holder, I though it was a novel idea.

So when they ask if I wanted to try out the Curl payments chip I thought it would be fun.

The only problem was that I couldn’t get myself to use it.

Well, that’s not completely true. I used it once when I first got it, and had it attached to my watch.

But like many other millennials I don’t always wear a watch, as I always carry my phone and that has the time.

After a number of failed attempts at remembering the wear the Curl, I thought maybe I should attach it to my keys.

This was even worse because I carry my keys far less than I wear a watch (disclosure: I catch public transport to and from work).

My dilemma was: what can I attach this chip that will make me use it?

The answer: my phone, the one and only thing I carry everywhere.

The issue: my iPhone case which doubles as a card holder already does that.

While the uses for this Inamo Curl are many, and can be adapted to suit numerous lifestyles, I still didn’t find it a better alternative to my current system.

Last month Inamo secured $1.5 million of seed funding led by Club Investible. Read more on that here.

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