This Pathetic Booth At The Tokyo Game Show Proves The Industry Still Has A Lot Of Growing Up To Do

There’s a booth at the Tokyo Game Show which invites fans to try out a new game, OneeChanbara Z2.

Here’s how they recommend getting the most out of the experience:

Yes, they’re playing inside a pair of giant breasts.

The series centres around standard hack and slash zombie fare, but the main drawcard is the heroes are twins who prefer bikinis and skimpoy cowgirl outfits as proper fighting attire.

Every now the action heats up when a barely concealed boob pops out. Genius.

The owner of the giant breasts at the Tokyo Expo is one of the heroes, Aya. Last year, she got naked in a Playboy shoot.

Hopefully, the world’s gaming media will call D3 out for perpetuating the lonely, cheeseball-eating basement-dweller teen stereotype that gamers never stop whining about.

Oh, wait – here’s what had to say:

We’re currently at TGS and will make sure to spend some time there and report back how the experience feels. Oh who are we kidding, we’re going to spend all of our time there.

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