This pair of jeans will charge your phone for you

If you’ve ever found yourself with a dead iPhone and no charger in sight, you might want to consider going shopping for a new pair of pants.

Joe’s Jeans is selling a pair of pants designed for a built-in mobile phone charger.

The #Hello jeans look just like your typical denim bottoms, with one exception: The pants have two extra pockets designed to discreetly charge your phone while you wear them, The Daily Dot reported.

They will work with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 6.

One pocket holds the battery pack horizontally along the waistband and the other holds your mobile phone while it charges. The two devices are connected by a short USB cord.

Unlike traditional pants, where phones are often too big or uncomfortable shoved in standard pocket, the #Hello design looks like phones will fit unobtrusively.

Unfortunately, the design wont fit the iPhone 6 Plus.

At $US49 dollars for the battery and an aditional $US189 for the jeans themselves, charging your phone on-the-go is going to cost you. Though, it’s a steal when you consider that designer design can cost double or triple that without any hi-tech benefits.

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