You Can Finally Run Your Own Sweatshop With This Brilliant Online Strategy Game

sweatshop game

Ever wonder what it’s like to run your own sweatshop? Well, now there’s a game that lets you (via Ecouterre).

Sweatshop, developed by creative studio Little Loud, is a cartoony online game that puts you in charge of an overseas garment factory that makes merchandise for the western world.

You’re presented with a variety of moral dilemmas in your quest for profits, like what basic amenities you should award your squad of child laborers, and how hard you want to work them.

It also shows you factoids about the fast-fashion industry, and how workers are treated, provided by workers’ rights nonprofit Labour Behind The Label.

The game is an incredibly effective satirical look at how big businesses are run. It’s immersive and interactive, all while delivering a not-so-subtle message.

It’s serious cause marketing that makes its point in a hurry, while still being fun.

Take a look: