This One Quote From Senator Ricky Muir's Political Advisor Shows Just How Volatile Australia's New Senate Could Be

New Senator Ricky Muir. Image: Screenshot.

He’s known as the preference whisperer. Glenn Druery, Senator Ricky Muir’s political adviser said this week it wasn’t clear what the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party rep would do with his balance-of-power vote.

Heath Aston at the SMH today reports Ricky Muir will be an autonomous senator and work with the Palmer United Party where “practical”.

Druery said his candidate would not be formally aligned with anyone.

“A politician in the NSW Parliament said to me many years ago ‘Don’t look at what I say but what I do’. Look what Ricky has done. On day one, day two he showed his autonomy but today [Thursday] he was with Palmer. Who knows what is going to happen next week,” he said.

After the Abbott government failed to repeal the carbon tax last week, with the PUP bloc deciding last-minute not to support the legislation, there’s an emerging threat that the Government could be hamstrung by the new Senate.

In his first week as Senator, Muir has already said he will not always vote in line with the PUP bloc which includes Glenn Lazarus, Dio Wang and Jacqui Lambie.

But despite his political advisor not knowing exactly which way Muir will go, the senator has revealed where he stands on a number of policies.

The SMH reports Muir supports renewable energy.

“Just because someone is a motoring enthusiast doesn’t mean they are an environmental vandal,” he said. “I don’t think many people would argue that renewable energy is the way of the future.”

Muir also said he would oppose plans to raise the petrol excise and conceded he hadn’t looked into the $7 Medicare co-payment plan “very much”.

It is expected the Carbon tax will be reintroduced to the House of Representatives on Monday or Tuesday this week.

There’s more here.

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