This One Map Shows How Americans Really Feel About Each Other

Yesterday we published a set of maps that came from a survey about what Americans think of other states.

Essentially, each respondent was asked to answer a question with a state that wasn’t their own, like which state is the drunkest, the nicest, the most arrogant.

We looked at the data and decided to compress the 22 maps into one map.

(click to enlarge)

On this map, every state that won a superlative — first place in any question — has its claims to fame in bolded print. For instance, Colorado was the top vote getter in the Most Beautiful scenery category.

For those unlucky states that didn’t win outright, we pored through the data to find where else they showed up. For the states without a bold label, that category is the one where they scored their highest per cent of the vote across the poll. For instance, Oregon won second place in the Most Underrated category.

States that are italicized were in the top five in that category. States with the small type font label didn’t make the top five on their highest scoring question, but did break the top 10.

A state marked with an X did not score sufficiently well in any category,

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