This one chart shows why developers prefer iOS

Android is by far the largest mobile operating system, yet to the consternation of its users, many high profile apps launch on Apple’s iOS first — if Android gets an app at all.

Data released by analytics company App Annie gives a clue as to why: there’s more money in releasing on the Apple App Store. Even though total downloads through Google Play were 90% higher than via iOS, in the last quarter iOS racked up 80% more revenue.

This disparity is actually increasing. Thanks to the explosion in sub-$50 Android smartphones in many emerging markets, Android extended its lead in total downloads from the previous quarter. But at the same time, iOS extended its lead in total revenue.

The types of apps downloaded may also hold the key explaining the imbalance. While games and social apps claim the top two spots in both stores, the next highest-ranked downloads on iOS are music and entertainment applications. Both are high revenue categories.

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