This Oklahoma Panhandler Says He Made $60,000 Last Year

Pandhandler mug shot

Photo: mugshot via

An Oklahoma man arrested on suspicion of panhandling probably made more money last year than you did.Oklahoma City resident Shane Warren Speegle, 45, told police that he made $60,000 panhandling last year and was too lazy to get a job, according to

Given that the U.S. median household income in 2011 was between $49,434 and $51,413, according to a February report in USA Today, Speegle made roughly $10,000 more than the average American household.

When police caught him panhandling earlier this month, Speegle offered to pay the $200 fee rather than leave the street, according to KOCO, which cited a police report.

“I’m lazy, and I made $60,000 doing this last year,” he reportedly told police. “Why would I go get a job?”

Police returned to the scene 20 minutes later and arrested Speegle, who was still trying to illegally pad his bottom line. He was arrested on a solicitation charge and taken to county jail.

Who knew you could make that much for panhandling, right?


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