This Northern Territory buffalo hunter has been trying to sell his farm on Alibaba for years – but even buyers in China won't bite

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For sale: 1195 acres of hunting wilderness within 100 kilometres of Brisbane.

That’s what you can currently purchase on Alibaba Australia, along with 5000 kilograms of Australian second-hand clothes and a bulk order of S-26 Gold Infant formula.

The property, listed by Cloud Real Estate, spans nearly five square kilometres, has views of Lake Somerset and is a 30 minute drive from the town of Esk and 40 minutes Kilcoy.

Alibaba screenshot.

Ian Anderson, licensee at Cloud Real Estate, told Business Insider Australia the property had been on sale for a few years but it was common for big rural blocks to sit on the market for years waiting for a buyer. He said he’d completely forgotten about the listing.

He said the ad had been put up a few years ago as an experiment by agent Anette Anderson. She told Business Insider Australia they “didn’t get any significant response” from listing the property through the normal channels so she tried it on Alibaba as an experiment.

“It was just one of those things that you try as an alternative for those difficult to sell blocks,” she said.

Cloud Real Estate.

The remote Queensland property is owned by an ex-buffalo hunter from the Northern Territory, according to Anderson. He said the owner was “an interesting chap” who now lives in the farmhouse on the property, hunting deer and enjoying the acres of land filled with “fat cattle” and white cedar trees.

Anderson said if you’re lucky you could snap this property up for about $2 million and turn it into an eco-resort or keep it as your own private family estate. You could also take up deer hunting, if that’s your thing.

It should be noted the property almost sold to one buyer, according to Anderson, but they backed out after being unable to get a development application.

Cloud Real Estate.

If life on a deer farm appeals, this isn’t the only hunting block Cloud Real Estate is selling. “We have a 1248 hectare [property] and that was purchased for deer hunting by a Chinese guy who is now actually selling it,” Anderson said.

Anderson said the owner of the other hunting block, who paid $1.848 million for the property two years ago, was being forced to sell because of changing conditions around overseas investment.

Alibaba is well known for its unusual goods for sale, with items such as prefab homes or Himalayan pink salt with a minimum order 100 tons for sale on the platform. And now, if you’ve dreamed of being a deer hunter, the platform can serve you too.

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