This New Zealand Road Safety Ad Is A Powerful Message To Slow Down

This extraordinary TV commercial from New Zealand’s Transport Agency, released earlier this year, packs an enormous emotional punch. It also turns the usual approach to speeding upside down, reminding drivers that while they’re in control, other people make mistakes.

It’s part of a bigger campaign that, as NZTS explains, that:

targets competent drivers who regularly drive and put the ‘Ks’ in.

These people drive ‘comfortably’ fast; typically a bit faster than the posted speed limit or other traffic. But they don’t consider it to be wrong or anti-social because it’s not really ‘speeding’ in their minds.

They feel competent and in control of their vehicle.

Last year, 83 people were killed and 408 seriously injured in speed-related crashes in New Zealand, which accounts for 20% of crashes in Aotearoa.

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