This new startup claims to be the baby of LinkedIn and Tinder for small business

Jess Ruhfus, founder of Collabosaurus.

Collabosaurus is a new platform match-making businesses for strategic brand collaborations.

Founder Jess Ruhfus, who left PR to find a faster way to source and negotiate partnerships, describes it as if “LinkedIn and Tinder had a baby” for businesses.

Businesses list the types of collaborations they’re interested in securing, target markets, and marketing assets, such as social media following, excess product or email list size. Those details are used to match with relevant potential partners also using the platform.

“The matches are viewed anonymously to prevent businesses being hassled and it eliminates the fear of being rejected”, said Ruhfus.

If both business are interested, they are introduced and invited to collaborate, much like the model used by the dating app Tinder.

The payoff for both sides is the cross promotion using social media or contact lists.

“[This means] a huge budget isn’t required to gain traction when implementing a partnership or to take advantage of valuable marketing channels,” said Ruhfus.

While a customer database in regarded as one of company’s most valuable assets, she believes that small business using the platform will be willing to collaborate and use that information to help each other.

“The partnerships enabled by Collabosaurus are a cost-effective and painless way to reach new audiences and grow your business, as well as gain publicity by aligning with events, charities, or campaigns that are relevant to your offerings.”

Collabosaurus is in its pre-launch phase for now and subscriptions are free. Ruhfus plans to scale big and scale fast.

“The more users on the platform – just like any dating site – the more valuable the matches will be because there will be more choice for the user to pick the best partner from,” she said.

It will go live within weeks and already has 250 users on board.

“We expect to have approximately 7000 users by this time next year… but hopefully it’s a lot more than that”.

She wants to head offshore next.

“Our eyes are set on the USA, UK and parts of Europe. Going overseas helps break down the barriers between location. So if an Australian brand wanted to get in front of a UK audience they could,” Ruhfus said.

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