This new platform lets you order food or book seats at your local pub or bar, to support them through the reopening effort

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As restrictions ease around the country, pubs and venues are allowed to cater to an increasing number of punters – but getting a booking is no easy feat.

Campari Australia has launched a new online initiative, aptly named Shaken Not Broken, whereby venues are able to reach more of their customers than the government will allow inside their physical address.

The website service lets customers search for their local and order from them directly, rather than opening up several food delivery apps trying to find their desired pub or bar.

From there, customers can choose to have their drinks or food – or both – either delivered to their door in a contactless manner, picked up by themselves, or even make a booking to dine, where possible.

The website itself is easy to use – you can hit the “Find a venue” button on the top right, enter the postcode of interest and sift through the list of local venues to support. There is also an option on the homepage for venues to jump on board.

When restrictions were imposed on the hospitality industry earlier this year, the impact was devastating, and The Shaken Not Broken initiative was born to support the recovery and revival of venues which need it most.

”So far, the overwhelming response by our industry peers has been excellent, from small virtual tip jar gestures to big players contributing globally and locally to initiatives aimed at supporting the affected trade and bartenders,” Campari Group told Business Insider Australia.

“Whilst the impact has been huge, each initiative, large or small can make a difference. Ultimately, we are in this together.”

Not only does the initiative keep work flowing for venues and their staff, but it also keeps their connection to the community strong, helping them stay afloat until we can head back to the pub in full force.

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