This New Penn State Football Promo Is Off-Putting

Penn State released a new promo for the 2012 football season today, and it really rubbed us the wrong way.

The video begins with a somber piano and new coach Bill O’Brien saying, “The measure of a man is how you overcome adversity.”

Then there is a series of voiceovers describing the high character of Penn State football players.

The theme is redemption, and the message is this: These football players have had to endure a lot, and now, in a time of great crisis, they’re banding together to keep the flame of Penn State football alive.

Our problem is that it positions the players and the football program as victims of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. It asks us to feel sympathetic for them. There are “we support you!” banners everywhere as if Penn State football is some sort of cause.

Yes, these players have been affected by Sandusky’s crimes. But asking an audience to feel bad for PSU football players in light of the “adversity” they face just feels wrong considering the actual victims who had their lives destroyed by Sandusky.

Maybe you feel differently:

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