This New Luxury Spa In England Will Access Bath's Natural Hot Springs

Bath Hot Springs

Photo: Laura Mardon / Flickr

A new five-star hotel will bring some friendly competition to the centuries-old Thermae Bath Spa, a naturally-occuring thermal spring which has been in use since the 8th century BC. The English city of Bath (named, appropriately, after its most distinctive feature) is planning a 98-room luxury spa hotel that will access the same hot springs as its world-famous neighbour, the Thermae Bath Spa.According to This Is Bath, developers of this new property will drill a new borehole 75 meters below street level to access the base of Hetling Spring. Our only piece of advice: keep Steven Tyler away from the construction site; we know how he gets around slippery surfaces.

Currently, Bath’s most popular hotels are The Halcyon and The Queensberry (though one early reviewer didn’t seem particularly impressed with his stay at the Halcyon back when it opened).

Work will begin next spring on the Gainsborough Building (above), which has remained boarded up and untouched for quite “some time,” according to This Is Bath. The finished project is expected to attract a number of new visitors to the city, as well as create over 200 jobs. The article goes on to detail the history of the building:

“Formally known as the Beau Street Annexe, the Gainsborough Building was originally built as a hospital and had been in the college’s ownership since 1993. Engineers from Wessex Water, working on behalf of the council, are creating a new borehole for the spring to replace old pipework which is suffering from corrosion.”

While treatments next door at the Thermae might go for significantly less than the hotel will be offering—a 1 1/2 hour spa session at Thermae costs £15—guests at the hotel will undoubtedly be treated to a more private, intimate experience. After all, what’s a hotel spa without a little exclusivity?

This post originally appeared on HotelChatter.

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