This new Australian smartphone app will manage your home energy


Start-up Evergen has launched Australia’s first intelligent home energy management system using a smartphone app.

The system, built with the technical backing of Australia’s peak science group CSIRO, continuously analyses and optimises home energy use, choosing the most efficient source for electricity supply, switching from solar to stored power.

“CSIRO has been at the forefront of solar and battery technology research for many years, and we are committed to the development of intelligent systems and tools which change the way we use energy,” says CSIRO energy director Peter Mayfield.

“We know that consumers are viewing their household electricity differently and taking more control; intelligent systems allow them to do this with ease.”

The system, combining solar panels and batteries with smart technology, is remotely managed by Evergen and regularly analysed and updated by CSIRO.

The Evergen app is now available in an early release program with a second-stage in January 2017.

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