This new 295-foot yacht displays a stunning light show as it travels across the sea

Custom yacht designers Oceanco and Van Geest are behind a new high-tech superyacht concept that is capable of putting on a light show as it travels across the sea.

The side panels of the 295-foot yacht, called the Moonstone, are made up of 300 individual white triangles that are each lit up by LED lights. Each triangle in the panel is dimmable, which makes putting on the light show possible.

The default display shows a series of flickering triangles that reflect on the water in the nighttime, but owners can customize their own light display using an app that syncs with the ship, according to Oceanco.

Those lights can run for three hours by drawing energy from solar panels built into the top of the yacht, the press release reads.

But the yacht also has overhead light panels that can show its own light display. A series of fish-eye cameras placed around the boat will capture the night sky, sunset, or sunrise and display the live video feed on the panels.

Photo: Oceano.

“Light has the power to transcend the noise that surrounds our daily life and bring us into stillness and wonderment,” Oceanco wrote of the yacht project in a press release.

The luxury yacht can fit well over 12 people and features a swimming pool and hot tub that come with their own ambient lighting. The deck furniture that comes with the superyacht is modular so it can be re-arranged easily.

There’s also a gym and spa area, a movie theater, and a helicopter pad.

Take a closer look in the video below.

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