This Monstrous, Deadly Brown Snake Was Caught In An Australian Backyard

Image: Australian Reptile Park.

This big, fat brown snake is absolutely terrifying.

After being caught in a suburban backyard, it is now calling the Australian Reptile Park, north of Sydney, home.

The average eastern brown snake is 1.5 metres long. But this one, which has been called Gigantor, is a whopping 2 metres.

But it’s not just its length, the park’s general manager Tim Faulkner said.

“He’s well over the average size of an average eastern brown, with twice the girth – that’s one big snake!”

Image: Australian Reptile Park.

The one thing that’s small about this snake is its fangs. They’re only about 3mm long. But don’t let that fool you – its venom is terribly potent and can cause progressive paralysis and incoaguable blood.

The brown snake is the second most deadly snake you’ll find on land in the world. The most deadly is the inland taipan, or fierce snake, also found in Australia.

This summer has been a hot and humid one, perfect conditions for snakes.

“It’s the height of summer – a humid summer – which snakes love. Mix that with the rain we’re experiencing and you’re more likely to see them out and about,” Faulkner said.

Image: Australian Reptile Park.

According to the Australian Venom Research Unit, more than 3,000 people are bitten by snakes Down Under each year. Brown snakes account for about three-quarters of all snake bites.

Gigantor will now become part of the reptile park’s anti-venom program, which means his venom will be “milked” every two weeks to produce anti-venom.

Image: Australian Reptile Park.

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