A Pennsylvania mum Is Accused Of Injecting Her Underage Daughter With Heroin

heroin syringe

Photo: Thomas Marthinsen/Flickr

A mother in Beaver Springs, Penn., is accused of getting her daughter hooked on drugs by injecting her with heroin.Brandi Baumgardner, 38, plied her daughter with heroin around 200 times, The Daily Item reported.

The mum has been charged with child endangerment and corruption of minors, the New York Daily News reported.

The case began in April when the girl told investigators she had smoked marijuana, used prescription pills, crack cocaine and heroin.

The girl also told police that her mother would inject her with the drugs when she was too weak to do so herself, The Daily Item reported.

The girl, who has not been named, reportedly claimed she and her mother began smoking marijuana together when the girl was 12. They allegedly progressed to harder drugs.

Baumgardner would reportedly take her daughter to the hospital to fake illness in order to get prescription drugs, The Daily Item reported.

If that weren’t shocking enough, the girl reportedly told investigators a man named Robert Thomas Hannick, 22, would inject her with drugs and provided her with a drug for opioid dependence in exchange for sex.

Hannick has denied giving the girl drugs, according to The Daily Item.

Baumgardner told investigators she and her daughter had a drug problem and admitting to supplying the girl with drugs, The Daily Item reported.

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