This Mindset Can Prevent You From Succeeding At Work

Whether it’s graduating from law school, landing a new job, or watching your business finally turn a profit, almost everyone experiences that moment when they think, “I made it.”

However, this mindset can actually be detrimental to future successes — especially at work.

Philip Blackett, founder of Magnetic Interviewing, LLC, explains in a recent LinkedIn post that once you’ve achieved your ultimate goal, it’s tempting to simply coast instead of searching for new goals. “The moment when you say ‘I made it’ … is the moment that likely will lead you into complacency,” he says.

Shifting your mindset from constantly pushing forward to feeling like you’ve reached the top puts your career on cruise control. Instead of looking for ways to grow and improve, you’re prone to sit back and bask in the past.

But unless you’re content with this being your peak, it’s important to keep moving, even after a big victory, Blackett says. Here are three ways to do just that:

1. Be grateful for what you’ve accomplished and the people that helped you get there. More than likely, you didn’t achieve this success without support from others. Right after you feel like you “made it,” take time to show your gratitude to those that helped you along the way, says Blackett.

2. Curb your ego. Once news gets out about whatever it is you’ve accomplished — whether it’s scoring a big promotion or landing a high-profile client — it may be easy to revel in the accolades that come with it. “Don’t let all the new and extra attention get to your head,” Blackett warns. “It may one day catch you off-guard and cause you to lose what you worked so hard for.”

3. Find a way to keep moving forward. “After achieving that big promotion, set yourself another challenging goal to keep you grounded and driven to do even better than before,” Blackett suggests. Whether it’s getting into a top business school or successfully negotiating a raise, set a new goal to start working toward.

Don’t be afraid to celebrate your successes — you earned it, after all — just be aware of the temptation to become complacent in that success.

Click here to read the full LinkedIn post.

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