This Might Be The Sleaziest Reality Show Ever


IndyDina via Flickr

Storage Wars goes through foreclosed storage units to find items to resell. Christopher Dickey reports on the unemployed victims whose lifelong possessions get trashed.Sue B. is 58, unmarried, and used to be middle class. That Storage Wars debuted on A&E Wednesday night, the same day that Congress failed to extend unemployment benefits, struck her as insult added to injury, on top of years of insult and injury at the hands of “pond scum and vultures.”

Perhaps you missed the Storage premiere. It’s about people who bid on the contents of personal storage lockers when they’ve been foreclosed after three months of non-payment. Everything but everything inside them is put up for auction. A&E has a special knack for bottom feeding in American society, as anyone who’s watched Dog the Bounty Hunter will know, and for a casual spectator this new show basically just proves that reality TV is the Surrealism of the 21st century. Where else would you find a midget on stilts peering into the shadowy corners of a storage locker with night vision equipment?

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