This May Be The Guy Who 'Hacked' Apple Last Week

BalicBalic’s Twitter profile

Apple’s developer website was hacked last week, leading Apple to take the website offline while it overhauls its security measures.

But it could all be due to a simple misunderstanding, iMore reports.

Security researcher Ibrahim Balic has claimed responsibility for the website’s shutdown, though he insists he was simply reporting the security exploits using Apple’s own bug reporting website.

And now Balic is annoyed that he is seemingly called an “intruder” in Apple’s official statement on the matter — though the statement does not name the hacker responsible — when he claims he was actually doing Apple a favour.

Shortly after submitting the last of 13 security bug reports he had discovered, including the bug that allowed Balic access to email addresses and contact information, Apple shut down its developer website.

Balic claims that he has not been contact by Apple since submitting the bug reports.

While Apple’s official statement mentions that only developers’ contact information was compromised, Balic also claims that non-developers could be affected by the exploit as well.

Apple has yet to confirm that Balic was responsible for the developer site being taken offline.

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