This map shows which state gives uni graduates the best chance of finding a job

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Australia’s 2015 cohort of university graduates are entering the workforce at a time when the jobs market is strong.

Unemployment has fallen, more Australian are in work than ever before.

But competition for graduate job placements is high, with an average graduate to job ratio of an incredible 39 to 1.

That’s against a ratio of job seekers to jobs of just 6 to 1 in the general population the latest Adzuna Australian Job Market Report shows.

Adzuna collected every job vacancy advertised online in Australia from over 370 sources and found that this ratio of 39 to 1 is far from uniform across the states.

Source: Adzuna, Australian Job Market Report

Students graduating in South Australia and Western Australia face the biggest challenge to find work with ratios of 61 and 58 to 1 respectively.

Unsurprisingly, given the structure and strength of the economy, New South Wales is the best state to be be a job seeking graduate. The ratio of around 19 to 1 is around half the national average.

The Northern Territory too stands out with an incredible ratio of 8.8 to 1. Adzuna says that’s because the state has “recorded strong economic growth but slow population growth, reducing competition for available jobs”.

That’s an opportunity for those who want to move to the Top End and mobility is clearly going to be important for graduates securing work. The report highlighted “graduates should be prepared to relocate for the right role”.

Danniella McGowan,author of the Job Market report told Business Insider that she’d experienced this first-hand. McGowan said she’d graduated in South Australia but had moved to New South Wales for the job opportunities.

It’s a road well travelled for Australia’s graduate population.

*Disclosure: Adzuna is owned by Fairfax Media, which also owns Allure, Business Insider Australia’s publishing company

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