This Map Shows The Biggest Bank From Every State

Not everyone thinks big banks are a problem. In fact, more Americans use them than not, according to GOBankingRates.

To prove it, the website created the above map to show the largest institution in every state.

The company drew information from Federal Reserve data. The list excludes institutions that don’t offer consumer banking and names the official headquarters of each bank, not the holding company.

For example, the Fed shows Wells Fargo as the third largest bank in the country — in South Dakota. But the company’s annual report states it’s headquartered in San Francisco.

Consumers gravitate toward these big-names “because big banks pay big dividends, and not just to their customers,” according to GOBankingRates.

After determining the proper headquarters for every state, researchers also surveyed the institutions based on accessibility, technology, and social and economic impact, like the taxes they paid in 2013.

Read the full report here, which includes a helpful break-down of the bank in each state.

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