This map shows exactly where Sydney's new airport will be built, and where the runway lines up

Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull nudged forward plans today for Sydney’s second airport.

The Badgerys Creek development, first mooted three decades ago, looks set to finally go ahead, alleviating capacity problems around the current international hub, which is being choked by traffic problems and straining public transport infrastructure.

This map shows where it’ll be located, west of the city, near the Blue Mountains.


It’s almost due south of Penrith, the major town centre for the Blue Mountains area, and due west of Sydney’s celebrated Eastern Suburbs.

The main runway is designed to have an 05/23 orientation, meaning it will run roughly north-east to south-west. I’ve marked this out below.

(Be warned – the plans don’t have any precise details, but this would be roughly the landing and departure path of a runway oriented 05/23):

The plan calls for two parallel runways on this alignment, with the northerly runway to be built first.

The report says: “It is expected that a runway orientation of 05/23 would be usable for approximately 99.5 per cent of the time based on crosswinds.”

How the runway lines up will be of keen interest to property owners in affected areas, although authorities have tried to stress that no decisions have been made on flight paths yet.

The plan also calls for 30-degree exit taxiways – the kind that mean the pilot can pull off the runway while still travelling at a relatively high speed after landing without violently swerving the plane.

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