This Man Used His Unlimited Olive Garden Pasta Pass To Feed The Homeless

Ogden, Utah’s Matt Tribe was the lucky recipient of one of Olive Garden’s $US100 Unlimited Pasta Pass. Instead of using the pass on himself, he decided to give it out to random people.

For $US100, the pass offers unlimited pasta, breadsticks, salad, and Coca-Cola beverages for 49 straight days. The passes expired November 9. Only 1,000 passes were made available.

While Business Insider Intelligence’s own John Greenough snagged a pass and used it to eat only Olive Garden for an entire month, Tribe had a different idea. He decided to try to feed as many people as could off the pass over the course of the seven weeks. He called it Random Acts of Pasta.

While he initially fed random people all over Utah, he soon realised that he could feed those who could use the meals the most: the homeless.

He recently posted a video on YouTube of his story. Here’s a taste.

This is Matt Tribe’s Olive Garden’s $US100 unlimited pasta pass. When he bought the pass, he planned on using it for himself. Then he realised that it was far more food than he would ever need.

Olive garden 1


Tribe came up with a new plan: use the pass 100 times during the seven weeks to feed random people. He called it “Random Acts of Pasta.”

Olive garden 2


He initially fed friends and neighbours, but often people weren’t home when he came to give them the meals. Then he decided to hand out meals to homeless people. The homeless people he gave meals to were extremely grateful.

Olive garden 4


Each day, he went to Olive Garden several times to pick up pasta. The most he visited Olive Garden in a single day was nine times. He went to eleven different Olive Gardens over the course of the pass.

Olive garden 5


He ended up using the pass 125 times to give out meals. He kept a list of everyone he fed and stories to go with it on a blog, Random Acts of Pasta.

Olive garden 3


h/t Digital Journal

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