This Man Sold His Company For $300 Million – Why In The WORLD Is He Still Working?

Russ Fradin Dynamic SignalRuss Fradin is CEO of Dynamic Signal.

Photo: Dynamic Signal

Russ Fradin doesn’t need to work.He cofounded and sold a company, called Adify, for $300 million.

And yet, he’s now working on another startup – his sixth!

It’s called Dynamic Signal, and it helps businesses connect with customers on a one-to-one basis through social media.

Dynamic Signal just raised a second round of funding with money from Venrock and others.

Building a startup is not a small amount of work! Plus, Fradin has kids.

So why does he do it?

The answer: Fradin says a startup is a “successful version” of Peter Pan syndrome.

“A startup is the only place where you can actually make sure you enjoy the people you work with,” Fradin told us on the phone, earlier this week.

“If you’re a startup under 200 you get to only work with people you like. I go to work every day with my friends where we work on solving a big problem.”

“It’s awesome!”

“I have a four year old and a two year old and I don’t have to work. If I was going to work with people I didn’t like, I would just hang out with my kids.”

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