This Magician Says His Amazing Rubik's Cube Skills Helped Get Him Off A Speeding Charge

Magic wins. Picture: Stephen Brundage/YouTube

New York City police were so impressed with a magician’s Rubik’s Cube skills, he said they let him off on a speeding ticket.

Or were so dazzled they forgot entirely that Stephen Brundage had been doing 42 in a 30mph zone.

When they pulled Brundage over, the first thing Scotia police noticed were all the playing cards in his car. Brundage told them he was a magician and offered to show them how he could solve a Rubik’s Cube in “one second”.

They gave him 15 seconds and impressively, Brundage did it in 20 seconds. But keep watching for what happens next:

The footage was filmed by one of the officers. Brundage posted on his YouTube page: “I’m glad to say I left without a ticket.”

Scotia police chief Peter Frisoni confirmed in a response to the New York Daily News that Brundage did indeed avoid a ticket, but that it “probably wasn’t the magic trick that got Brundage off the hook”.

Frisoni said at that time of night, officers were more concerned with reckless or drunk driving.

And, it seems, magic tricks.

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