This Magazine App Is Beating Angry Birds In Sales On The iPad

angry birds

Maybe the iPad will be a saviour for magazines after all!

A quick look at the top grossing list in the iPad App Store reveals Zinio, which allows users to buy a number of magazines, is the third highest grossing app.

That means it’s beating out the almighty Angry Birds, Steve Smith at MinOnline notes.

Smith also finds that a number of publications including the New York Post, People, and The New Yorker are in the top 50 earners across all the apps in the universe.

Granted, Zinio sells multiple magazines – top sellers have included National Geographic, Outdoor Photography, Macworld, and Maxim – so it’s not an apples to apples comparison between Zinio and a single publication.

But the mere fact that Zinio can compete with Angry Birds suggests there is money to be made on magazine apps.

One caveat here — we’re looking at the U.S. store. The results around the world could be different.