This experimental London dairy is creating completely new varieties of cheese — here’s how

  • This London dairy is creating exciting new varieties of cheese.
  • The dairy creates everything from apple brandy brushed cheese to an experimental brie and cheddar mix.
  • Wildes Cheese also runs mozzarella stretching classes, tours of the dairy, and cheese tasting.

When Philip Wilton was made redundant from his job he decided to devote all of his time to cheese making. In 2012 he founded Wildes Cheese, a micro-dairy in Tottenham, London. The dairy was originally based in a small garage space in London but since then the company has expanded and now produces around 70 kg of cheese a day.

The process starts with 600 litres of fresh milk each day. This milk is warmed to between 30-45°C depending on the type of cheese being made and a culture is added. The culture dramatically changes the taste of the cheese. Wildes source cultures from France, Italy, Spain, and create their own blends from them.

This mixture is left for around 30 minutes before a vegetarian rennet is added. The rennet causes the milk to separate into curds and whey. The curds are collected and placed into moulds. The moulds give the cheese its shape and let the whey drain away. The cheeses are flipped often at the beginning to keep moisture even. The cheeses are then aged. Humidity and length of the ageing process changes the end result.

Wildes Cheese make around eight different cheeses and they ship to markets and restaurants across London. They offer cheesemaking classes and tours of their dairy.

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