Own This Kate Spade-Inspired Penthouse in NYC For $18.5K A Month

If you are in the market for a penthouse, you may be in luck. There happens to be a very nice 12-room penthouse located in the heart of downtown Manhattan just south of Union Square available for rent. What’s more is the penthouse – located at 215 East 12th Street – is decorated in a charming and whimsical style inspired by the Kate Spade fashion brand – which is obvious, considering the owner is one of the ones who founded the brand to begin with.

There’s just one catch: The asking rent is a staggering $18,500 per month.

That’s right – unless you just happen to be one of the other four founders of Kate Spade (including Kate Spade herself), you probably can’t afford the rent.

Oh well – we can still marvel in the pretty attractive trimmings of a penthouse with vaulted ceilings, original 19th-century windows, full wall-to-wall renovations, hardwood floors, arched doorways, and even a sizable garden (for downtown New York standards, anyway). The interior – fully furnished – is decorated with the taste and touch of Pamela Bell, one of the founders of Kate Spade. Bell originally bought the rambling spread back in 2007 for $4.3 million and actually let her three children have a say in what-goes-where in the well-sized home.

The asking price just shows you that New York real estate ain’t cheap – not by a long shot. Even in this wacky market of ours, premium living space comes at…well, a premium. And since there is no chance that the owner loses this penthouse to foreclosure (since she plopped down 4.3 big ones to buy it in the first place), that price probably isn’t coming down.

Well, at least can still buy Kate Spade clothing. It’s a lot cheaper than $18.5K per month.

Kate Spade Penthouse

Photo: Stribling & Associates Real Estate

Kate Spade Penthouse Bedroom

Photo: Stribling & Associates Real Estate

Kate Spade Penthouse Garden

Photo: Stribling & Associates Real Estate

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