This Just In From The Normals

Normal People at the beach
Normal people at the beach

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BEACH TOWN, USA – This just in from the beach (where we spent the weekend with our non-industry friends – you know, the “normals.”)

  • Foursquare is a weird thing that seems like it could be useful for people living in New York. But it’s really weird and you should please keep it away from me.
  • Nobody knows anybody who isn’t already on Facebook (except for a few intentional counter-culturists.) Nobody mentioned Facebook’s privacy problems.
  • Twitter, which used to be just a weird thing, is now recognised as having some value for people obsessed with the news, narcissists, and the overly-plugged-in, but no, it’s still not for me, thank you.
  • Groupon is absolutely the greatest thing ever. Normals ask each other all the time if others have heard about Groupon and the amazing deals it provides – at restaurants, at gyms, and golf courses. Living Social is great too, and even a perhaps a little bit more upscale.
  • Normals hate the iPad – until they play with it and won’t give it back.