The JooJoo Shows The CrunchPad Was Always A Hallucination

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The real CrunchPad is still a fantasy.

This other thing — the JooJoo, a touchscreen tablet that’s going on sale for $500 and will supposedly ship in February — is something else. But it’s certainly not the real CrunchPad.

When TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington first thought up the CrunchPad in July, 2008, he was thinking about “a dead simple Web tablet for $200.” That’s the CrunchPad. That might sell.

But then, of course, the price grew to $300, and then to $400, reflecting the reality of the hardware industry. (And greatly reducing its odds.)

And as we learned today, the JooJoo is going to cost even more. It’s a $500 tablet with no chance of mainstream commercial success and a legal zoo surrounding it.

So it’s not the CrunchPad (as originally conceived). And no matter what happens in court between its backer Fusion Garage and Arrington, they have failed to fulfil Mike’s original mission to make a “dead simple and dirt cheap touch screen web tablet to surf the Web.”

Will there ever be a “dead simple” Web tablet for $200?

Someday, maybe. But it’s clear that hardware, labour, distribution, and marketing costs won’t make that possible any time soon.

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