This Guy Stole A Woman's IPhone But Didn't Disable Dropbox --  So She Turned His Terrible Photos Into A Tumblr

Life of a Stranger Who Stole My PhoneLife of a Stranger Who Stole My PhoneHere’s the beach where the theft took place.

One of the most compelling Tumblr blogs right now is “
Life of a Stranger Who Stole My Phone,” which charts the adventures of “Hafid,” a resident of Dubai, entirely through the photos he’s taking on an iPhone he allegedly stole from a beach in Ibiza, Spain.

Hafid neglected to turn off the photo upload function in Dropbox, the file-sharing app, which means that every time he takes a photo the original owner of the iPhone gets a copy of it on her computer.

And she’s taking the best revenge possible by turning those pics into a chronicle of Hafid’s macho, style-challenged life.

Here’s how the unnamed author of the blog says the theft went down:

five hours after me and my friends landed in ibiza/spain, the four of us found ourselves hopelessly drunk and naked in the sea. we put our stuff on a deck chair 10m away.

… we tumbled out of the water quite irritated. everything was gone. money, purses, smartphones, passports, janas’ birthday presents and evangelos’ clothes (besides his underpants). as far as i remember, this must have happened in the time span of 15 minutes. well, that sucked quite hard.

apparently some guys with night-vision glasses hid in the dunes, waiting for drunk tourists to leave their belongings somewhere unobserved. then they crawled through the sand, stole the stuff and walked away like nothing happened.

It would have been just another “petty theft from drunk tourists” story until the thief used the Facebook app on her phone to hit on her — via her own Facebook account:

what really made me wonder about his stupidity, was when i checked my facebook profile and found out that he entered my facebook account, as you can see above, AND sent me a personal message from his own account to hit on me. that’s why i know his name is hafid.

Here’s the guy she says stole the phone:

She knows he lives in Dubai because he posed in front of its skyline (and also because he has tried Skyping her friends).

He likes the finer things in life …

Although he may not be able to afford them, judging by his apartment (this is one of Hafid’s roommates):

The Tumblr has about 12,000 followers and Hafid is still taking pictures with the upload function enabled. It’s been going on since July 28, and there’s no sign yet that Hafid has any idea how famous he has become.

Follow the rest of the saga here.

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