This Is Why Everything You’ve Ever Accomplished Doesn’t Mean A Thing

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You worked hard in college to get a good job, then you worked hard at your new job to climb the career ladder, then someone tells you everything you’ve ever accomplished doesn’t mean a thing. In his blog, Dan Waldschmidt writes that at some point in your career, you’ll hit a road block so severe that everything you’ve worked for will go down the drain. This will be the ultimate test of whether you’re worthy of success. 

When you’re down, this is when your gut, your attitude, your obsession is all that matters. Because if you’re not obsessed with finding a solution, you’ll stay down.

“You can’t avoid future obstacles by thinking about it right now. That doesn’t work. All the workshops, webinars, conferences, and books you have consumed are just preventing the inevitable — that you’re going to get beat up.” Business experts will tell say that you can avoid these obstacles with brains and hard work but the problem is, you’re not smart or lucky enough to figure it out. No one is, Waldschmidt says.

If brains aren’t going to solve your problems, the only chance you have is developing an obsession for your career that will make you consume, live, and breathe it. It’s “raw courage and guts that allows you to bend elbows and knees and lift yourself from the bloodied canvas you’re lying on.” The more you do this, the more diligent you’ll become at overcoming those road blocks and the faster you’ll get to this thing called “success.”

“That determination — that grit — is the deciding factor in your eventual success” and it doesn’t take brains to get there. Although it would be nice to have some. 

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