This Is What The Most Miserable Person On Earth Looks Like

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Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index surveyed 1,000 people about their quality of life.Using the survey’s demographic information, The New York Times Economix section put together a profile of the happiest person on earth.

Yesterday, we showed you what that person looks like. 

Using the same Gallup index numbers, we’ve compiled a list of traits that define the most miserable person.

Here’s what that sad (fictional) individual looks like. Hopefully you don’t share many of these traits.

The most miserable person would be a woman

According to the Gallup index, women are slightly less happy than men. They scored 66.6 out of 100 well-being points; men scored 67.

The New York Times attributes this discrepancy to the fact that women have more physical ailments than men. Women scored lower on the physical health index too.

A Muslim woman

The study found that Muslim people bring up the rear on the happiness index, following behind Roman Catholics.

Jewish people are the happiest of all.

Who isn't Asian, Hispanic, or Caucasian

Black Americans and people who did not fit any of the above mentioned racial descriptions scored the lowest on the well-being index.

Gallup says this could be due to low income and health issues among the race as a whole. 'Black Americans have one of the lowest Well-Being Index scores, second only to the low-income population. Of adults surveyed, 35.6% of blacks are obese, more than in any other subgroup analysed, and levels of high blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma are also higher within this group,' they write.

Asians are the happiest of all, scoring leaps and bounds higher than any other race on the well-being index.

She'd be short

Economix reports Gallup's findings on height and happiness: 'Taller people live better lives, at least on average.'

The National Bureau of Economic Research says the correlation is 'almost entirely explained by the positive association between height and both income and education, both of which are positively linked to better lives.'

And middle-aged

People who were 45 to 64-years-old scored the lowest on Gallup's well-being index.

It's not surprising that the age group with mortgages to pay, mid-life crises to battle, and hormonal teenagers running around the house are the most miserable of all.

But middle-age people have something to look forward to: People ages 65+ are extraordinarily happy.

And live in West Virginia

According to Gallup's Elizabeth Mendes, 'West Virginia had the lowest well-being with a score of 61.7. The Southern states of Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Alabama round out the states with the five lowest well-being scores.'

Separated from her husband

The only group more unhappy than divorced people are those who are in marriage limbo and are separated from their spouses.

According to The New York Times, 'Across the entire index, married people are followed in happiness by singletons; people with domestic partners and people who have been widowed (these two categories have equal levels of well-being); those who are divorced; and finally, people who are married but separated.'

Without any children

Gallup found that people without children scored slightly lower on the well-being index.

Working in transportation or manufacturing

Transportation and manufacturing workers have the lowest overall well-being, scoring 62.1 out of 100 on the Gallup index.

Business owners are happiest, scoring more than 10 points higher on the index than blue-collar workers.

Making less than $12,000 per year

When you make no money, it's difficult to enjoy life.

While the Gallup survey found that people who make $120,000+ are happiest, they also found that individuals making under $12,000 lead the least happy lives of all.

So by our calculations, the most miserable person in the world looks something like this:

Now here's what the happiest person on the planet looks like:

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