This Is What It Looks Like When You Put An Entire City's TV Antennas In One Room

Aereo, the paid service that lets you watch live network television on the Internet, has hundreds of thousands TV antennas crammed into its single floor office in Brooklyn.

These dime-sized, tiny antennas are part of what makes it possible for Aereo to stream live television to its one million customers, GigaOm’s Jeff John Roberts reports.

As part of the service, every subscriber rents a pair of those tiny antennas so they can watch live TV while recording another show, or watch live TV on two different devices at the same time. 

Here’s a close look at the antennas (the image below is a graphic):

aereo antennas

Photo: Aereo/Screenshot

Head on over to GigaOm to check out real-life images of the antennas and other aspects of Aereo’s operations.

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