Watch What It Looks Like When Marines Get Ambushed While Hunting IED's

Recently we at BI Military and defence received an email with an unclassified document detailing the growing threat of improvised bombs in Afghanistan — the same day, this video came out of Marines in an ambush as they were detonating IED’s along a main supply route.

Before you watch, there’s a few words you should know:

  • BIP — Blown In Place — When Marines find a bomb, and use another bomb to get rid of it.
  • Reduce — Reduction of an IED means that Marines have rendered it no longer a threat.
  • Command Det — A command detonation means the bomb was wired, and the wire runs hundred of feet to a remote viewing location, where the enemy will hide, often using just a 9-Volt battery to trigger the bomb.

I talked to the producer of the video, Cpl. Micheal Lopez, a combat correspondent attached to operating units in Helmand, and he said that the unit in the video planned to spend two days clearing a main supply route, but ended up spending six.

The days they didn’t spend in the nearest patrol base, they spent in their trucks, rotating watch behind loaded weapons.

Lopez said at one point, when they located an Improvised Explosive Device, the Taliban chose right then to mount an ambush.

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