This Is What I Hate About The iPhone And iPad

apple store employee new ipad

Photo: Theodore Ritz, Business Insider

Today’s news that Microsoft will block third-party browsers in the “classic” mode on its Windows 8 tablets got me thinking:Two of my favourite apps for iPhone and iPad are Dolphin (an alternative web browser) and Sparrow (an email app).

Both are very good. In fact, I like them better than Apple’s own Safari and Mail.

But Apple won’t let me use them as my default apps for browsing the web and sending emails. Any time I tap on an URL or email address, I have to use Safari or Mail. That really stinks, since I’m forced to use what I find to be a substandard experience for two very common smartphone functions.

It’s also one of the things I love about Android, having the freedom to choose any app as my default for browsing, email, and just about anything else.

I know there’s next to zero chance of this happening, but I’d love to see Apple allow me to choose my own default apps in the next version of iOS. But Apple does allow you to change your default apps on the Mac, so there’s always hope.

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