This Is What Apps Will Look Like On Your iPhone 5's Larger Screen

iphone 5 taller screen render iosHere’s one example of what iOS will look like on a taller screen.

Photo: 9to5 Mac

The next iPhone is expected to have a taller screen, meaning Apple’s operating system will have to make a few adjustments to scale apps to the new size.9to5 Mac recently discovered that the iPhone emulator developers use to make apps for iOS 6, Apple’s soon-to-be released operating system for iPhones and iPads, supports the same larger resolution the next iPhone is rumoured to have. 

They took it a step further by testing how certain apps run in the iOS 6 when it’s tweaked for a larger screen. Surprisingly, a lot of Apple’s own apps like Calculator and Voice Memos don’t scale to the new screen. Instead, there are black bars at the top and bottom to make up the extra space.

But other parts of iOS do adapt to the larger screen. For example, it appears you’ll be able to store 16 apps in folders instead of the normal 12. Other bits of the user interface fit the screen nicely too.

You can see more screenshots of apps running on a larger simulated iPhone screen right here

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