This Is What A Self-Driving Car Sees

Self-driving cars might be the future of automobiles. But what exactly do those cars see that allows them to navigate properly and avoid moving obstacles like cars and animals?

In the video below, courtesy of Wired, Nokia’s 3D-mapping division HERE gives a brief tour of New Orleans based on what a self-driving car would be able to see through its cameras and radar.

Since HERE’s data relies on a combination of GPS and long-range radar, the images look like a blend between real-life and a computer program. Certain details come into focus as the car approaches them, but it’s mostly wire frames of buildings and cars against a black background.

Companies like Google and Tesla are working on cars that can drive themselves. In April, Google showed off what its own software can see through its autonomous car prototypes. You can watch Google’s video below (images of the actual software appear 30 seconds in). 

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