Here’s The Weekend Insiders Have Blocked Off To Prepare The Facebook IPO

Facebook IPO calendar

[credit provider=”This is not a leaked calendar.”]

According to several reports, Facebook is supposed to finally file for an IPO this week.That does not mean Facebook’s stock will actually begin to trade this week.

It means Facebook will, in a long letter, begin to sell itself as a business, and disclose all sorts of juicy financial data from the past few years (we can’t wait!).

So when will Facebook shares actually start trading under the FB symbol?

No one really knows yet – not even Mark Zuckerberg. IPO timing is very fluid, and depends a lot on market stability, and whole host of other factors including investor appetite for Facebook stock.


The days before the Facebook IPO are going to be extremely busy for the workers at the banks underwriting the offering, and these workers have families and friends who like to make plans.

So some of them have been given something of a “save-the-date.”

What we’ve heard from a source close to an employee at one of the banks underwriting the IPO is that the weekend of May 18-20 is already being marked down as a “be ready to work weekend.”

No golf weekends! No niece’s graduations! No beach houses! It’ll be time to push FB out the door!

Or at least, so goes the plan.

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