This apartment has an ingenious way to hide your messy kitchen from guests

Kitchens — even pristine ones obsessed over by diligent cooks — are bound to get messy. So wouldn’t it be great if you could just put a wall up to hide the mess when company comes over?

That Utopian idea is at the center of an apartment redesign in Bulgaria by Don’t DIY Studio architectural firm. The apartment was built around the idea of maximizing sunlight throughout the entire space. This resulted in the removing of the traditional kitchen and small utilities spaces, which opened up the rest of the apartment and created a big vestibule.

Here’s what the kitchen looks like with the doors fully open.

And here it is with the doors fully closed.

It’s like the kitchen never existed, right? All tell-tale markings are fully covered up, turning the kitchen into the owner’s dirty little secret, literally.

Behind the kitchen is a wall of hidden storage.

This wall of hidden cabinets also contains the refrigerator and the air conditioning unit, as well as food storage.

Check out the rest of the apartment, with minimalistic and bespoke details galore.

Sliding Kitchen Door ApartmentDon’t DIY StudioA gas fireplace was added to the custom storage wall.
Sliding Kitchen Door ApartmentDon’t DIY StudioThis is the former kitchen that was gutted and turned into a wardrobe room. An extra carpeted space was added to provide a yoga area and a bed for the owner’s dog.
Sliding Kitchen Door ApartmentDon’t DIY StudioA ton of custom details were added to the apartment, including this bespoke bed made out of plywood.

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