Here's Tony Abbott's Reading List For The Summer - But Will He Get Through It?

The Grattan Institute, a public policy think tank, is launching its annual Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister at the State Library of Victoria this week (Wednesday, December 4).

It’s not known if Tony Abbott will take up the challenge. However, speaking at the launch will be Lucy Turnbull, former Lord Mayor of Sydney. She’s also the wife of Malcolm Turnbull, a former Liberal Opposition Leader and key figure in Mr Abbott’s government. She may have some influence, so watch this space.

This year’s list:

  • Why Australia Prospered
    Ian W. McLean
  • How Australia attained the world’s highest living standards within a few decades of European settlement.

  • The Blunders of Our Governments
    Anthony King and Ivor Crewe
  • The worst government horror stories, cock-ups, stupidity and carelessness.

  • The Smartest Kids in the World
    Amanda Ripley
  • Persistence, hard work, and resilience matter more to our children’s life chances than self-esteem or sports.

  • The Narrow Road to the Deep North
    Richard Flanagan
  • A novel of the cruelty of war, and tenuousness of life and the impossibility of love.

  • Average is Over: Powering America Beyond the Age of the Great
    Tyler Cowen
  • The widening gap between rich and poor means dealing with one big, uncomfortable truth: If you’re not at the top, you’re at the bottom.

  • A Life Worth Ending
    (New York Magazine Article)
  • Michael Wolff
    The era of medical miracles has created a new phase of aging, as far from living as it is from dying. A son’s plea to let his mother go.

The Grattan Institute says the books and articles discuss some of the most pressing problems facing Australia:

  • how to maintain economic growth and keep people in jobs
  • rising health costs and the human, moral and policy impacts of an ageing population
  • the need to lift quality of schools in some vital areas
  • governing with purpose and clarity in an increasingly complex world

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