Sony just unveiled the monstrous 'PlayStation 4 Pro'

Sony’s just revealed a new, more powerful PlayStation 4 console. It’s named PlayStation 4 “Pro,” and it’s intended to sit alongside existing PlayStation 4 consoles. The console is capable of powering 4K games and video.

Think of PlayStation 4 Pro like the MacBook Pro compared with a traditional MacBook — a more powerful piece of hardware that’s capable of doing similar things.

Here’s the PlayStation Pro in front of the other new PlayStation 4:

The console has a more powerful graphics processing chip, which is capable of powering higher-resolution games than ever before. Sony showed off a montage of games like “Watch Dogs 2” and “For Honour” to showcase the capabilities of the new console — games do, indeed, look prettier than ever before.

Ps4 pro logoPlayStation/YouTubePlayStation head Andrew House introduces the PlayStation 4 Pro console at the PlayStation Meeting event in New York City on September 7.

The big sales point of the Pro console is being able to support 4K and HDR televisions. Games look better than ever before, and game developers don’t have to do much to make it so — the console’s architect, Mark Cerny, says that it’s simply a measure of the new PlayStation 4 Pro being able to output higher resolutions of games that are already full of very high-resolution art.

The PlayStation 4 Pro comes with a 1TB hard drive as a standard, and is capable of playing all your original PlayStation 4 games as well as new, updated “Pro” versions of games. It also works with Sony’s PlayStation VR headset, which launches this October.

Beyond gaming, Sony’s lined up both Netflix and YouTube to create 4K versions of their apps. Netflix original shows like “Narcos” and “Luke Cage” are getting 4K updates versions on the way to ring in the new app on PlayStation 4.

Some games on PlayStation 4 Pro will look better as soon as this holiday: “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” will apparently support the console on “day one.”

The PlayStation 4 Pro arrives on November 10, and it costs $399.

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