This is the only town in Sydney where everyone was born in Australia

Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images

Ever heard of the small town of Wheeny Creek in the Hawkesbury region?

Well, it’s the only town in Sydney where 100% of the population is Australian-born.

According to ABS data, published in the Sydney Morning Herald, the tiny hamlet, 86 kilometres north-west of the CBD, is the only Sydney suburb with no one born overseas. It has 21 residents.

As for the rest of Sydney, 111 suburbs across the greater metropolitan area recorded more than half the population born in another country.

Meanwhile, Haymarket, at the southern end of Sydney’s CBD, has the highest overseas-born population at 90.3%.

The suburb is home to the city’s Chinatown, Thaitown and is adjacent to the popular tourist destination of Darling Harbour.

Overall, the data showed nearly 4 in 10 Sydneysiders were born in an another country. That’s the highest proportion of any capital city in Australia.

The SMH has more.

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