Forget everything you've heard --  this is the only jacket a man needs

Denim JacketFacebook/LevisDenim jackets can be layered in a near-infinite number of ways.

Most men prefer the minimalist approach to fashion. That’s why the denim jacket is the only jacket the modern man needs in his wardrobe.

Far from a ’90s throwback, the denim jacket has stood the test of time. It’s the most versatile fall clothing item a man can own. Plus, it looks good on pretty much everyone.

The slightly short, somewhat loose, casual silhouette flatters most bodies and can be worn myriad ways.

Guys who got it right 

Above, Bergdorf Goodman’s men’s style director, Bruce Pask, wears a vintage Helmut Lang denim jacket underneath a supremely stylish wool coat. You could also wear it over a sweater on colder days or over a shirt and tie to mess with conventional formality.

Meanwhile, The Weeknd adds a black jacket to his all-black performance outfit. 

The WeekndGetty/David BeckerThe Weeknd wears a Levi’s denim jacket to the iHeartRadio music festival.

From clean dark denim to black denim to completely bleached white denim, there’s a colour and style for everyone. You can add a patch for more personalisation. The possibilities for this American staple are truly endless.

The one to buy & some sage styling advice 

For our money, the best option is the Levi’s Trucker Jacket, a classic that retails for $US68. On the lower end, Gap sells a decent model that’s only slightly more expensive. APC and the denim-focused Naked and Famous also do a good job with the denim jacket. 

But heed this sage advice: Never go denim-on-denim. If for some reason you need to, never wear two pieces of denim with the same wash. Down that path lies a dark road.

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